Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Hunting with Cripples

Such strange things you encounter while surfing.

So, there's blogger who has dubbed Kerry "Senator von Munchausen" due to Kerry's Christmas-in-Cambodia story and now he his trying to fact check a story Kerry told Field and Stream about hunting deer on Cape Cod. Kerry claims to have come-this-close to bagging a 16-point buck out on the cape. The blogger is dubious so he's turning the distributed intelligence of the internet lose on Kerry's hunting story.

That's not the strange part.

Another blogger mentioned in same post is trying to confirm if Kerry ever ran in the Boston Marathon.

That's not the strange part either.

The strange part is in a table of deer hunted in the state of Massachusetts that the first blogger links to. It really has nothing to do with Kerry other than to prove that people do actually hunt deer on the cape. The strange thing is the headings for the table. The columns are headed: shotguns, muzzleloaders, archery, unknown and ...


That's the strange part.