Sunday, October 03, 2004

Another Vietnam Lesson

During the Vietnam war, one the most emotional wrenching parts of military service was watching the vilification of service people by the anti-war movement back home. It really seemed to effect the service people of that era profoundly that some segments of the population back home questioned their collective and individual morality.

In looking at the postings and emails from service people in Afghanistan and Iraq, I don't think this generation of service people gives a damn what the protesters or even anyone moderately associated with them think about the war and the people who fight. I think the Left burned any moral credibility it had with that segment of the U.S. population that volunteers for military service by its actions during Vietnam.

I think this is good, especially for mental health of the service people. The psychic toll on the Vietnam era service people seemed quite severe. People of that era expected moral support from the general populace, even from those who opposed the wisdom of the war. When they got condemnation instead it really had impact.

I can't help but worry though, that this represents a further divide in our culture. The military no longer cares about the opinions of a large section of the political spectrum. That can't be healthy long term but the Left has only itself to blame.